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Christmas Eve at Angel Fire Resort!

Christmas Eve festivities kick of at the Angel Fire Resort at 9:00 AM. From 9:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon, join Santa and Mrs. Claus for a Ski & Snowboard event! From there, you’ll find many more

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Teen Drivers Relocating To New Mexico

posted by: Dawn in Uncategorized

If you’re relocating to New Mexico with a teen driver, you can actually have the teen’s driver’s license transfered, provided that the teen went through driving training in your old home state that meets or exceeds the New Mexico graduated

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How To Register Your Car In New Mexico

If you’re relocating to New Mexico and own a vehicle, you’ll need to know how to register it. You must register your out-of-state car in New Mexico with the New Mexico MVD within 30 days of becoming a resident in

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Taos Artisan Walking Tour Is Offered All Year (Except January And February)

posted by: Dawn in Taos

If you’ve been looking forward to attending a Taos Artisan Walking Tour + Chocolate event, today’s the day to do it! The tour starts at 10am and will go through 1pm. It starts at the El Monte Sagrado Resort on

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Snow Removal Rules In The Town Of Taos

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There’s sure to be a lot more snow than last year this year. That much is already clear. If you’re new to the Town of Taos or about to move in, you should know the snow removal rules for the

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Does Taos Have A Curfew For Minors?

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Minors in Taos have to follow a curfew. Parents, legal guardians or other adults have to make sure that children they are responsible for follow the established curfew too. After curfew, kids can’t be at a public assembly on public

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Registering A Business In The Town Of Taos

If you’re an entrepreneur with a small business and are interested in opening up in the Town of Taos, you must register the business. Don’t worry though. It’s an easy process and completely affordable. What Types Of Businesses Must Register

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Snowfall in Angel Fire Already 62% Of What We Got All Last Season!

Angel Fire Resort’s season-to-date snowfall is already at 39″. Last year, the resort got 63″ of snow during the entire 2017-2018 season. That means Angel fire has already gotten almost 62 percent of the snowfall from last season, and this

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Angel Fire Ski & Snowboard School Is Hiring Instructors

posted by: Dawn in Angel Fire, Things to Do, Tips

The Angel Fire & Snowboard School is hiring snowboarding and ski instructors. There’s a few spots to fill. This is a dream job for a skiing or snowboarding enthusiast. Living out our dreams is certainly the perfect reason to relocate,

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