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How To Find Bargain Paints To Freshen Up Your Colfax County Home

Gallons of paint usually run around $20 to $50 each. When you’re spending your money buying fresh bathroom fixtures and sprucing up your landscaping in order to make sure that your house looks the best for the upcoming sale, an

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Should I Convert My Attic Into A Bedroom Before I List My Home?

People often wonder if they should convert their attic into a bedroom before they put their home on the market. Especially in New Mexico, where unique rooms are valued, this is an incredible idea that can bring a big return

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Figuring Out The Square Area Of A Wall Before Buying Paint

If you’re about to spruce up your walls with a fresh coat of paint before selling an Angel Fire home, it’s easy to figure out how much paint you will need by determining the approximate square footage of the walls.

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Don’t Forget To Clean Out Your Garage When You’re Preparing Your House For Sale

If you’re working on preparing your home for sale for an open house or potential buyers that might want to swing in, don’t forget to get to work on your garage as well. Garages are a big selling point, but

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Net Tangible Benefit Standards To Cash-Out Refi VA Loans

Net Tangible Benefit (NTB) standards apply to all cash-out refinancing VA backed loans. The standards consist of three things: a NTB test, Loan Comparison, and Home Equity Disclosure. This blog post is for all the veterans, reservists, and active duty

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New Mexico VA Loan Limits For Zero Down Home Loans

Thanks to Kirtland Air Force Base, Holloman Air Force Base, Cannon Air Force Base, White Sands Missile Range, and Fort Bliss, there are actually many military-related jobs and many veterans in New Mexico. The veteran population in the state is

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