3 Favorite Hiking Trails In Northern New Mexico

Three trails in Northern New Mexico really stand out for hikers for a few reasons. These trails are great for tough people of all ages, they allow leashed dogs, they are reasonable in length and they have amazing scenic views.

Oeste Vista Trail

Oeste Vista Trail has an elevation gain of roughly 750 feet as you move through the 2.6-mile trail. You will find a pretty big incline. Many kids are capable of making this incline, but some people might find it too challenging. For most hiking enthusiasts, this is seen as a great opportunity for hiking. You will see mule deer, elk, and many other wildlife. Bring a picnic lunch, because just after about a mile into the trail you will find an awesome place for a picnic. Oeste Vista is a loop trail located near Angel Fire. It’s been given a moderate rating (though it’s generally considered a little tougher than moderate) and it’s generally used for trail running, hiking and nature trips.

Elliot Barker Trail

Elliot Barker Trail is a 7.6-mile loop trail near Taos. This trail has an outstanding wildflower display and you might even see black bear. It’s considered a perfect warm-up trail. You might want to use the app for this trail because some people have found that the trail markings can get confusing. This trail is below the treeline, so it’s like you’re right there in the woods, but then every once in a while, you’ll get a breathtaking view.


South Boundary Trail

South Boundary Trail is a 13.8 mile point-to-point trail. This trail is considered a moderate trail. It is right by Taos and offers an amazing overlook view of Taos. There is a pretty good elevation gain. This trail is great for hikes between May and October. There are mountain bikers on this trail too, of course, but it’s usually used for nature walks and hiking.


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