Be Careful To Avoid Making These 3 Home Staging Mistakes!

If you’ve decided to do your own home staging, this will be an important blog post for you to read! There are three major home staging mistakes that homeowners frequently make and we don’t want you to make the same mistakes! Check out these three home staging mistakes to avoid:

  1. Allowing Your Home To Feel Gloomy
  2. Allowing Your Home To Feel Like Your Home
  3. Using Rooms Improperly

Home Staging Mistakes To Avoid

Allowing Your Home To Feel Gloomy

When you walk into your home, it probably feels homey and comfortable. You might have nice thick drapes on the windows and dried flowers on the shelf that remind you of a wonder by-gone day. But those things that make your home more comfy to you can make your home feel gloomy to home buyers.

When staging a home, you might want to completely remove your window treatments to allow the sun to shine in. Once you’ve done that, you may see things in a new light and finally notice a spot on the sofa or carpeting. You’ll notice dust in the corners. You’ll notice everything you thought was clean isn’t. So, get to cleaning, or hire a pro. when selling a home, it should be as clean as possible. Smooth surfaces should shine! Windows should sparkle. Stains must go!

Those dried flowers are wonderful reminders, but they should be put in a box for safe transport to your new home. To others, they are just dried flowers. Fresh houseplants and fresh cut flowers tell potential home buyers that living things thrive here!

Allowing Your Home To Feel Like Your Home

When you’re staging your home, personalized items should be packed away and moved to storage. The home buyers will want to be able to see themselves in the home, not see you in the home. Things that should be packed up include trophies, family photos, and handmade pottery from children among many other things. If you’re curious about what should go, we’ll be happy to help you figure it out. Generally, most of a room’s accessories should be packed away.

Using Rooms Improperly

Misusing rooms for other rooms won’t help you sell your home. If you’re using a dining room as your office or the kid’s playroom, you should return it to a dining room for the sale. Always make sure a room in your Angel Fire home is being used the way it was intended to be used once it’s listed.


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