Our blog provides a slice of life of the Angel Fire and Northern New Mexico lifestyle, community and landscape. We know that the reason people search for real estate in Angel Fire & the surrounding areas is because of the unique landscape this area provides. The Southern Rockies provide opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to get up close and personal with their favorite past times. Our real estate agents live in Angel Fire for the very same reasons. There is no community like it. If there is something you want to know about the area, chances are, we know the answer. Thanks for stopping by, we feel privileged to have your attention.

How Much Does The New Mexico Homestead Exemption Protect?

New Mexico offers a homestead exemption to protect residents from homelessness as a result of debt. Covered by New Mexico statute § 42-10-9, the homestead exemption works for homeowners and renters. So, as long as the person owns, leases, or is in the

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Recycling In Angel Fire, NM

Wondering about recycling in Angel Fire, NM? Our town features a recycling program and you can be a part of it. Recycling adds value to our economy. Recycling saves energy and natural resources. In Angel Fire, we know that just

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Enjoy Sendero del Sol And Bobcat Trails

Angel Fire might have the most beautiful trails in the nation. At least, we think so. If you’ve never hiked the Sendero del Sol and Bobcat Trails, it’s a wonderful way to spend the day. If you’re not from Angel Fire,

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Details About The Angel Fire Earth Day Event

April 22 is the 48th anniversary of Earth Day! Angel Fire residents, along with our Moreno Valley neighbors, are invited to an Earth Day event the day before. So, the event takes place on April 21, rain or shine. The

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Try a Roadrunner Tour! Horse-Drawn Wagons and Chuckwagon Dinners for the Whole Family!

If you are new to Angel Fire or plan to move here, we suggest that you try a Roadrunner Tours event! Roadrunner Tours offer entire family a memorable experience. Think of it! Ride in a horse-drawn wagon through the woods.

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Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park in Angel Fire, NM

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park in Angel Fire is the first major Vietnam memorial created in the states. Still it’s the only state park dedicated exclusively to veterans of the Vietnam War. If you’re new to the area or

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Angel Fire’s Chilly Challenge Bike Race

The Angel Fire Resort is the location of the Chilly Challenge, the first official bike race of 2018. Friday, March 23, the 2018 season passes for the bike park go on sale. The price is $269 for the season. They

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Spotting Signs of Foundation Damage

Everyone knows that a good foundation is important. Do you know the signs of potential foundation damage? Obviously, you’ll check for cracks in the foundation. Yet, other things can also signal foundation damage. Keep your eye out for wall fissures

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Looking For Mountain Property With Acreage and Wildlife? Ask Us About Angel Fire Area Homes For Sale

If your dream home sits on vast acreage, we have just the area for you. Angel Fire real estate is hot this season, and we have ample properties for you to choose from. Does your dream home sit in the

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