Our blog provides a slice of life of the Angel Fire and Northern New Mexico lifestyle, community and landscape. We know that the reason people search for real estate in Angel Fire & the surrounding areas is because of the unique landscape this area provides. The Southern Rockies provide opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to get up close and personal with their favorite past times. Our real estate agents live in Angel Fire for the very same reasons. There is no community like it. If there is something you want to know about the area, chances are, we know the answer. Thanks for stopping by, we feel privileged to have your attention.

More Summer Fun From Angel Fire Resort

Earlier, we posted that Angel Fire Resort’s summer season started! Then, we featured more Angel Fire summer events on the schedule there. Now, let’s look at even more fun things to do in Angel Fire this summer: Summit Disc Golf

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Be Careful To Avoid Making These 3 Home Staging Mistakes!

If you’ve decided to do your own home staging, this will be an important blog post for you to read! There are three major home staging mistakes that homeowners frequently make and we don’t want you to make the same

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More Summer Events On The Angel Fire Itinerary!

  Angel Fire Resort’s summer season started last Friday! It’s finally here. In our previous post, we talked about some of the Angel Fire Resort’s summer events. Now, let’s look at some others: The Sip and Swing Scramble in Angel

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Angel Fire Resort’s Summer Season Opens This Weekend!

  It’s finally almost here! Angel Fire Resort – which located in the Southern Rocky Mountains of northern New Mexico for those not from these parts – already announced the line up of warm-weather activities. The season starts this Friday,

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Top 3 Brands of Fiber-Cement Siding for Your Angel Fire Home

Fiber-cement siding is a sustainable, durable new type of siding that new homebuyers love. It can withstand the elements better than vinyl, wood, or shake siding. Fiber-cement siding can be painted. Fiber-cement siding is fire resistant. Unlike other types of

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The Best Time To Prevent Ice Dams Is When The Weather Is Nice!

Now, we know that you will want to be out hiking, fishing, and swimming now that it’s summer in Angel Fire, but if you battled ice dams a few months ago, don’t put off dealing with them until fall. You

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Rethink Vinyl Beadboard If Upgrading Your Porch Ceiling In Angel Fire

If you’re thinking of replacing old worn vinyl beadboard on your porch ceiling in Angel Fire, keep in mind that these are less preferred by today’s homebuyers than other options. There are a number of reasons why today’s homebuyers prefer

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What Is The Newer Termite Bait System?

The old barrier system of termite extermination isn’t as effective as it used to be because chemicals used in the older system aren’t allowed to be as powerful as they once were, according to exterminators. A newer termite bait system

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3 Best Places To Stay When Visiting Colfax County On A Budget

There are so many amazing places to stay when you visit Colfax County to check out the real estate on the market. Breathtaking views. Unique decor. Everything is downright Instagrammable in Colfax County. Three lodging businesses topped the list fo

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Residential Recessed Lighting

Residential recessed lighting can give you a stylish, practical solution for illuminating your home, but there are things to consider when choosing residential recessed lighting. For starters, we must discuss fire safety with residential recessed lighting. These lights come with

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