Our blog provides a slice of life of the Angel Fire and Northern New Mexico lifestyle, community and landscape. We know that the reason people search for real estate in Angel Fire & the surrounding areas is because of the unique landscape this area provides. The Southern Rockies provide opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to get up close and personal with their favorite past times. Our real estate agents live in Angel Fire for the very same reasons. There is no community like it. If there is something you want to know about the area, chances are, we know the answer. Thanks for stopping by, we feel privileged to have your attention.

What’s A Catch Basin?

You should know what a catch basin in, because it’s good to have it periodically cleaned and inspected if you have a structure with a catch basin. They are responsible for making sure large debris doesn’t enter a storage basin

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Make Sure Your Moving Company Is Licensed!

Don’t trust your family heirlooms with just any moving company. Make sure they’re licensed. Otherwise, you’re better off just asking friends to move your furniture with you. At least people you know would feel bad if they damaged a family

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Search Property Records In The Colfax County Assessor’s Office

The Colfax County Assessor’s office handles the valuation of all property that is subject to property taxes in the county, with only a couple of exceptions. Currently, the goal of the office to to perform valuation and reappraisals using a Computer

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Colfax County Road Department | Get A Colfax County Encroachment Permit

County road and bridge infrastructure is maintained and improved by Colfax County Road Department. The road department has about a dozen full-time employees all overseen by the Road Superintendent. In total, the county maintains 570.3 miles of roads. The county

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Two Native, Drought-Tolerant Grasses

In previous blog posts, we’ve explained how to keep a lawn green using less water and also about the great properties of the native blue grama grass. We also wanted to let you know about two native primary species of

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Colfax County Probate Court Handles Probate In Colfax County, New Mexico

The Colfax County Probate Court is your local go to for probate matters. It’s where you admit original wills to informal probates and appoint a special administrator. It’s where you appoint a successor personal representative and many other probate-related matters. The

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What Are The Drone Laws In New Mexico?

Here in Angel Fire and in the surrounding areas of Eagle Nest and Taos our landscape is perfect for capturing breathtaking video footage by drone cameras. So, what are the drone laws in New Mexico anyway? Restricted Areas For Drone

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Angel Fire Lawn Care: Get Green Grass Using Less Water

If you want green grass, but don’t want to waste so much water, there are some options. We’ve got some easy tips to help you conserve some water while maintaining a lush, green lawn. First of all, most of us

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Plant Blue Grama Grass For Less Mowing And Watering In Angel Fire, New Mexico

Angel Fire, New Mexico properties are much more affordable than similar properties in Colorado, but we can look to our nearby, northern neighbors to get beautiful, low-maintenance lawns. Why? Well, though it’s true that Angel Fire is located within the

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What Does Colfax County Vector Control Do?

Colfax County Vector Control protects the people of Colfax County, including residents of Angel Fire, from vectors and vector borne-diseases. Colfax County Vector Control specifically chooses methods employing a profound concern for the environment. In general, vector control is a

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