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Do You Know The 7 Types Of Siding Options?

  Is it time for new siding? Well, there’s never been a better time with more quality option to choose from in siding than today. You have seven main types of siding to choose from with a price range from

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Fiber Cement Beadboard As An Alternative For Your Outdoor Ceiling In Angel Fire

Many people choose vinyl beadboard for outdoor ceilings above porches and over patios. There is actually a new, advanced building material that performs better than vinyl beadboard. The new building material is fiber cement beadboard. This can withstand even the

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New Mexico Home Staging Trends And Buyer Preferences Trends

When considering home staging trends in New Mexico, it’s important to remember that these are just trends. In reality, every home for sale in New Mexico requires something different. There is no one perfect home stager for every home either.

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How Financial Prudence Is Costing Millennials

posted by: Dawn in: Buyers, Financing, Tips

Millennials, in general, are lacking in credit, but it’s not because they don’t have the means to buy things. It’s the opposite, actually. Millennials, in general, don’t take on unnecessary debt. With the exception of college loans, they simply wait

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3 Main Reasons An Appraiser Could Call For Repairs

posted by: Dawn in: Buyers, Financing, Sellers

Sometimes appraisers call for repairs in the appraisal. There are a small handful of reasons why an appraiser might call for repairs. Here are the typical three main reasons why an appraiser could call for repairs in the appraisal. If

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Fun Way To See If You Want To Move To Angel Fire

If you’ve been considering moving to this region of New Mexico, one of the most enjoyable ways to get a taste of Angel Fire is to stay at the Luxury RV Resort. So, load up the RV and come on

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More Summer Events On The Angel Fire Itinerary!

  Angel Fire Resort’s summer season started last Friday! It’s finally here. In our previous post, we talked about some of the Angel Fire Resort’s summer events. Now, let’s look at some others: The Sip and Swing Scramble in Angel

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Top 3 Brands of Fiber-Cement Siding for Your Angel Fire Home

Fiber-cement siding is a sustainable, durable new type of siding that new homebuyers love. It can withstand the elements better than vinyl, wood, or shake siding. Fiber-cement siding can be painted. Fiber-cement siding is fire resistant. Unlike other types of

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The Best Time To Prevent Ice Dams Is When The Weather Is Nice!

Now, we know that you will want to be out hiking, fishing, and swimming now that it’s summer in Angel Fire, but if you battled ice dams a few months ago, don’t put off dealing with them until fall. You

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What Is The Newer Termite Bait System?

The old barrier system of termite extermination isn’t as effective as it used to be because chemicals used in the older system aren’t allowed to be as powerful as they once were, according to exterminators. A newer termite bait system

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