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New Mexico Home Staging Trends And Buyer Preferences Trends

When considering home staging trends in New Mexico, it’s important to remember that these are just trends. In reality, every home for sale in New Mexico requires something different. There is no one perfect home stager for every home either.

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Be Careful To Avoid Making These 3 Home Staging Mistakes!

If you’ve decided to do your own home staging, this will be an important blog post for you to read! There are three major home staging mistakes that homeowners frequently make and we don’t want you to make the same

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Talk To Us Before Doing A Home Renovation Project To Raise Your Home value

For decades, home renovation projects were a sure fire way to raise your home value, but all your work might not be worth it these days. So, before you invest a bunch of money into a new deck or an

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Should I Convert My Attic Into A Bedroom Before I List My Home?

People often wonder if they should convert their attic into a bedroom before they put their home on the market. Especially in New Mexico, where unique rooms are valued, this is an incredible idea that can bring a big return

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Net Tangible Benefit Standards To Cash-Out Refi VA Loans

Net Tangible Benefit (NTB) standards apply to all cash-out refinancing VA backed loans. The standards consist of three things: a NTB test, Loan Comparison, and Home Equity Disclosure. This blog post is for all the veterans, reservists, and active duty

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New Mexico VA Loan Limits For Zero Down Home Loans

Thanks to Kirtland Air Force Base, Holloman Air Force Base, Cannon Air Force Base, White Sands Missile Range, and Fort Bliss, there are actually many military-related jobs and many veterans in New Mexico. The veteran population in the state is

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Places To Board Dogs Near Angel Fire For Moving Day

If you’re considering moving to or from the Angel Fire, New Mexico area and you have a dog, you can plan ahead to make sure that your furball is safe during the move. Moving can be stressful on dogs, but

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What’s The Climate Like In Mora, New Mexico?

posted by: Dawn in: Buyers, Climate, Mora

New Mexico’s climate is incredibly varied. From snow-covered mountains and green timber forests to adobe villages and dry desert soil, you’ll find everything in New Mexico. Mora, New Mexico offers an incredibly comfortable climate. So if you’re considering moving to

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Finding Native Wildflowers For Colfax County Landscaping

New Mexico has a widely varied ecosystem, so plants that do well in other areas of New Mexico may not do well in Colfax County. Plants that are native to Colfax County are required to withstand an average low of

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Voting In New Mexico- What If There’s A Snag?

posted by: Dawn in: Angel Fire, Mora, Taos

What happens if you go to vote tomorrow and something goes wrong? Is that it? Are you out your chance to vote in what is turning out to be the biggest midterm election in decades? Not necessarily. For example, you

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