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Never use Bleach To Kill Mold On Concrete

Why You Should Never Use Bleach To Kill Mold On Concrete

posted by: Dawn in: Sellers, Tips

People regularly use bleach to kill mold on concrete. At first, it looks like it works. Then, a week or two later, the mold returns. This time, the mold is often even more substantial. There’s a good reason why you

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Probate Real Estate in New Mexico

posted by: Dawn in: Buyers, Sellers

Probate real estate in New Mexico is greatly simplified compared to some other states. Why? New Mexico has a probate judge in every county in the state. When someone has a will, filing in Probate Court costs only $30 and

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Spotting Signs of Foundation Damage

posted by: Dawn in: Buyers, Sellers, Tips

Everyone knows that a good foundation is important. Do you know the signs of potential foundation damage? Obviously, you’ll check for cracks in the foundation. Yet, other things can also signal foundation damage. Keep your eye out for wall fissures

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Why textured ceilings are unpopular.

Selling Your Home? Lose The Popcorn Ceilings

posted by: Dawn in: Sellers, Things to Do, Tips

Look, popcorn ceilings are out.  “Popcorn ceiling” is the slang term for a spray-on or paint-on ceiling treatment that used to be the standard for bedroom and hallway ceilings. They hide imperfections and offered positive acoustical characteristics, so they were

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