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Never use Bleach To Kill Mold On Concrete

Why You Should Never Use Bleach To Kill Mold On Concrete

posted by: Dawn in: Sellers, Tips

People regularly use bleach to kill mold on concrete. At first, it looks like it works. Then, a week or two later, the mold returns. This time, the mold is often even more substantial. There’s a good reason why you

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How To Cancel Your New Mexico Voter Registration

posted by: Dawn in: Tips

How do you cancel your New Mexico voter registration? Well, that depends on the scenario. Are you moving to another county within New Mexico? Are you moving out of state? Do you just want to cancel your voter registration for

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How To File A Voter Complaint In New Mexico

posted by: Dawn in: Tips

Need to file a voter complaint in New Mexico? Most common voter complaints fall under the New Mexico Secretary of State’s authority. The Secretary of State investigates complaints related to the following portions of state and federal law: Election Code

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Starting A Business In New Mexico

posted by: Dawn in: Buyers, Tips, Uncategorized

The New Mexico Economic Development Department offers a multitude of resources and advice for entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in New Mexico. For small businesses, the New Mexico Small Business Development Center features an online checklist called Basic Steps

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How Much Does The New Mexico Homestead Exemption Protect?

posted by: Dawn in: Buyers, Financing, Tips

New Mexico offers a homestead exemption to protect residents from homelessness as a result of debt. Covered by New Mexico statute § 42-10-9, the homestead exemption works for homeowners and renters. So, as long as the person owns, leases, or is in the

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Recycling In Angel Fire, NM

posted by: Dawn in: Angel Fire, Tips

Wondering about recycling in Angel Fire, NM? Our town features a recycling program and you can be a part of it. Recycling adds value to our economy. Recycling saves energy and natural resources. In Angel Fire, we know that just

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Spotting Signs of Foundation Damage

posted by: Dawn in: Buyers, Sellers, Tips

Everyone knows that a good foundation is important. Do you know the signs of potential foundation damage? Obviously, you’ll check for cracks in the foundation. Yet, other things can also signal foundation damage. Keep your eye out for wall fissures

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Why textured ceilings are unpopular.

Selling Your Home? Lose The Popcorn Ceilings

posted by: Dawn in: Sellers, Things to Do, Tips

Look, popcorn ceilings are out.  “Popcorn ceiling” is the slang term for a spray-on or paint-on ceiling treatment that used to be the standard for bedroom and hallway ceilings. They hide imperfections and offered positive acoustical characteristics, so they were

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Don't pass on a quality home inspection.

A Quality Home Inspection Is Worth The Upfront Costs

Home inspections might seem like a costly investment for a property you may choose not to purchase, but they are worth every penny. If the inspection turns up a serious problem, you saved yourself a bunch of hassle. If it

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4 House-Hunting Tips You Can't Ignore - Angel Fire Real Estate Listings

4 House-Hunting Tips You Can’t Ignore

posted by: Angela Johnston in: Buyers, Tips

If you’re searching for your next home in Angel Fire, the Taos Ski Valley or Red River, there are plenty of ways to make your house-hunting journey easier – but we narrowed it down to four so you can find

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