Fiber Cement Beadboard As An Alternative For Your Outdoor Ceiling In Angel Fire

Many people choose vinyl beadboard for outdoor ceilings above porches and over patios. There is actually a new, advanced building material that performs better than vinyl beadboard. The new building material is fiber cement beadboard. This can withstand even the most invigorating Angel Fire winter snow storm and moisture. It’s engineered using the latest technology with a unique formula making it resistant to warping, cracking and moisture. It also resists fire which can be comforting to Angel Fire homebuyers who will feature a woodburning stove in their outdoor room.

Fiber cement beadboard is a great investment because it saves the money and time that would need to be used to replace vinyl beadboard when it becomes warped or damaged by the changes in moisture and temperature in Angel Fire. As outdoor lovers, Angel Fire homeowners and homebuyers also appreciate that cement beadboard is considered a sustainable building material. It offers the gorgeous look of traditional wood but is sourced from sustainable materials using sustainable means.

If upgrading your patio or porch area to replace old, warped ceiling panels, consider fiber cement beadboard as an alternative to vinyl beadboard. It’s a building material with enough advantages to be noted to homebuyers when showing a home for sale. Using durable, sustainable materials in your home upgrades can attract buyers, especially the largest group of homebuyers – the Millennial homebuyers. Knowing that there will be no need for replacing the ceiling down the road is a great advantage that can set your home apart from other homes that use wood products that can mold with the moist air or vinyl beadboard that can warp and crack.

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