Angel Fire Lawn Care: Get Green Grass Using Less Water

If you want green grass, but don’t want to waste so much water, there are some options. We’ve got some easy tips to help you conserve some water while maintaining a lush, green lawn.

First of all, most of us use way too much water, and most of it’s never absorbed by the soil. We water in one long session early in the morning or later in the evening. Most of us already know that when you water the grass in the middle of the day, that water just evaporates, plus the grass often gets scorched by the hot sun. While watering in the early morning or evening, be sure to water for short periods of time and turn the water off for 15 minutes between sessions. This lets the water actually soak into the soil.  It minimizes run-off.

If you have an Angel Fire home with a sprinkler system, be sure to adjust the heads in order to only water the lawn. I drove by a property where the homeowner was watering not only her sidewalk, but the side of her home too! So, take the extra time to adjust the heads of the sprinkler system. Plus, keep in mind that it’s more effective to spray larger drops of water than a fine mist. That helps keep evaporation and wind from wasting your water.

If you have an automatic sprinkler system, install a device that will automatically detect rain and moisture. Soil sensors are inexpensive and can drastically reduce water waste.

Lastly, make sure the grass you have on your lawn is suitable for Angel Fire. Angel Fire, New Mexico is inside of the New Mexico borders, but our specific area is more like Colorado (just with much more reasonable property prices).  Check out this blog post to learn more about a grass that grows well in our region of New Mexico.


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