How Long Should Your Downspout Extenders Be?

In times of heavy rain, our downspouts can easily divert a thousand gallons of water away from our homes’ foundations! Our gutters catch this water as it drains from the roof and divert them from the home. Yet, if you don’t have a place to divert the water, the downspout is useless. Ideally, you will want to divert the water at least 8 to 10 feet from the foundation. That can prevent the water from putting pressure against your foundation and causing leaks of damage.

How Long Should Your Downspout Extenders Actually Be?

Downspouts should divert water 8 to 10 feet away from the foundation! If your downspouts don’t extend out, you could end up with bug expensive problems. Thankfully, downspout extenders are cheap! They are also easy DIY projects. In truth, some of the homes we will show you while we go house hunting together may not have adequate downspout extenders. Some will simply be equipped with normal downspouts with no extensions or provisions for diverting the water. This is something you’ll want to address as soon as you move into your new home.

Downspout Extenders

Downspout extenders aren’t very expensive. Having them can help you avoid extremely costly repairs and replacement costs.  All you need to do is choose the extender style you prefer. You can choose them for ease of use, aesthetics or cost. The main thing though is to choose an extender that will divert the water eight to ten feet away from your foundation!

The cheapest way to go is probably buying an elbow and another piece of downspout as the desired length. Some people don’t like the look of that though. That’s OK, there are other options. You can get the type that you extend only when it’s raining. These look like plastic accordion pipes. They aren’t expensive, though some people report they don’t have the durability of other options.

You could also choose a product like the Drain Away system which attaches to your downspout and unrolls itself when it rains. The hassle is that you would roll it back up after the storm has passed and it’s no longer raining. This is good for places that don’t see frequent rain or people who don’t want extenders wrecking the aesthetics of the yard, but also want a cheap option.

If you’re willing to pay a little more and either pay for installation or spend a day on a DIY project, you could choose to run an extender underground. One such product is the UnderGround Downspout Extension Kit. First, you attach a debris filtering system above ground. Then you run an underground PVC pipe outward about ten feet. To handle this as a DIY job, you’ll need to be comfortable gluing PVC pipe together. At the end of the pipe, you install a simple bubbler pot. The bubbler pot then disburses the water several feet from  the foundation. This way, everything looks beautiful and the water is diverted away from the home! Just be sure to check with the utility companies before digging to make sure you don’t accidentally dig into underground wiring or pipes.

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