Snowmobile Ordinances In Angel Fire, NM

If you love to snowmobile, you will love living in Angel Fire, New Mexico. It’s a haven for all outdoor activities. Angel Fire has adopted a snowmobile ordinance for operators of snowmobiles and owners of snowmobiles.

Where You Can Ride Your Snowmobile

All owners of snowmobiles must register the vehicle in compliance with New Mexico laws and comply with all laws pertaining to snowmobiles set up by the state and county. That should go without saying. As for Angel Fire residents, there are some restricted areas where you can drive these vehicles. First off, you can’t operate the vehicles on the golf course, on vacant lots or in the ski area. Second, and perhaps most obviously, you can’t drive on other people’s private property without permission. Specifically though, you need their written permission. This will actually help you out. If your neighbor tells you it’s cool to drive on their property, but then later get mad at you, they could always just lie and accuse you of trespassing. Right? So, get the permission in writing! Also, you can’t ride on the sidewalks.

Specific Responsibilities

To make sure that nighttime is quiet time, you also can’t ride between 9 at night and 8 in the morning. Keep in mind that in the cold months, it gets dark early, so you will still get to enjoy those magical night rides, just not after nine!  Next, you have to obey any speed rules and comply with all New Mexico safety laws. You also have to abide by county laws. Plus, you have to be on the look out for hikers, walkers and skiers. In general, just pay attention so that you don’t hit anyone.

Also, you can’t pass on the right. Be careful not too ride too far to the right if there are things you could hit. Stay further than ten feet from plow banks. You have to yield to automobiles always! If you’re coming out of a driveway, an alley or coming up on a sidewalk, you must yield for all automobiles, other vehicles and pedestrians approaching. If you’re crossing a road, you have to make a direct crossing o the highway or road. Don’t angle your way down the road, cross at a right angle. Also, you have to make a complete stop before crossing a road, always.

You can’t park on a road, except against a curb. You can’t attach yourself or the snowmobile to another vehicle when you’re riding your snowmobile and you can’t tow people behind, unless the conveyance towed is designed for that purpose.

You can’t go faster than the posted speed limit and you can’t go faster than 25 mph when heading to or returning from designated trails, snowmobile areas or forest access areas. You can’t drive a snowmobile while intoxicated or on narcotics or other drugs that make operating a snowmobile unreasonable.

You also have to have the required lights so that you can be seen by someone 200 feet behind you and so that you can see 150 feet ahead of you under normal weather conditions. You have to have brakes and a muffler. You can’t chase protected animals or birds while on the vehicle. Plus, if you cause injuries or death or damage any property valued at $50 or more, you have to let law enforcement know.

Kids And Snowmobiles In Angel Fire

If you let kids drive your snowmobile, they must be properly trained and know all the rules. Plus, they have to be under direct control of a licensed guardian or parent the whole time. Kids always have to wear helmets and wear them properly! Kids can’t rent or buy their own snowmobiled unless they have a valid operator’s license and all the safety equipment.


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