Stylize Your Taos Home: How To Use Old Newspapers As Wallpaper

Taos is known for its eclectic, artsy feel. So, if we’re showing you around some homes for sale in Taos and you just want to add a splash of greatness to a wall in your future home, we have just the idea for you! You can get a personalized, artistic look by using unique, old newspapers as wallpaper. Let’s face it: Traditional wallpaper is out and boring. But a personalized newspaper wallpaper could be perfect for a wall in your study, library, or office. If you’re not into newspapers, magazine clipping for wallpaper can also work!

You won’t want to try to find wallpaper glue. Instead you’ll use polyurethane. We’ll explain how to use it in a moment.

For this DIY project, you will need the following:

  • Old newspapers (the more personal the headlines are, the better!)
  • A can of polyurethane.
  • A paintbrush of sponge brush.
  • Scissors.

Ideas for finding old newspapers:

  • Ask on social media for old newspapers, magazines, comics.
  • Check garage sales.
  • Check in with the library to see if they have any newspapers or magazines to spare.
  • Check online to purchase extra, archived copies.
  • As your neighbors.
  • Ask a grandparent or parent.

Choose a theme that works for you. Perhaps you want all the clippings from the comics sections you can find. Maybe you want articles that focus on a particular time in history. Do you like politics? Art history? Retro advertisements? If you’re thinking of doing this project on a wall in the kitchen, old grocery ads, recipes, or articles from the food section would work. Are you into crossword puzzles? What if you had an entire wall of crossword puzzles? Word searches? Mad Libs? The possibilities are absolutely endless.

How To Use Newspapers As Wallpaper

Once you’ve decided on what you’re putting up and have all the things you will need to make old newspapers into wallpaper, it’s time to get to work. Cut out all the sections, headlines or clipping you want to put up. To make this a permanent wall covering, you will brush or sponge the back of the newsprint with polyurethane. Then, simply place the paper onto the wall. It will cling nicely. Before it dries, smooth out any wrinkles. Repeat this process over again until the entire accent wall is covered. Let the wall dry. Be very careful to keep pets away from the wall as it dries to keep dog or cat hair out of the finished project! Once the wall is dry, add a finishing layer on top. This will add a finishing, professional touch to it and protect the newspaper. It will also add a beautiful sheen to the whole project!

Tip: If the surface behind the newspaper wall is imperfect in texture, you might consider slightly crumpling the newspaper before you apply it. This will hide any imperfection on the wall by making them look purposeful, aged, and unique.


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