Top 3 Brands of Fiber-Cement Siding for Your Angel Fire Home

Fiber-cement siding is a sustainable, durable new type of siding that new homebuyers love. It can withstand the elements better than vinyl, wood, or shake siding. Fiber-cement siding can be painted. Fiber-cement siding is fire resistant. Unlike other types of siding, it is a high resale value siding. It looks beautiful and is recognized as a high-quality building material. Here’s are three of the top-rated fiber-cement siding brands for your Angel Fire home.

#1 – HardiePlank

HardiePlank has almost become synonymous with fiber-cement siding in much the way Q-tips brand is for cotton swabs. HardiePlank focuses entirely on cement backer boards and fiber cement siding.

#2 – GAF WeatherSide

GAF WeatherSide’s Purity, Profile, and Emphasis sub-brands let homeowners have the opportunity to swap out asbestos-cement siding shingles one-for-one and you don’t even have to order from an architect. Often these are stocked at places like Home Depot.

#3 – Nichiha

To get large format fiber-cement boards and panels of this brand, you will need to order it from your contractor. Nichiha fiber-cement siding is made with 50% recycled materials. This brand offers residential products in the look of lap, panel, or shake.

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