Never use Bleach To Kill Mold On Concrete

Why You Should Never Use Bleach To Kill Mold On Concrete

People regularly use bleach to kill mold on concrete. At first, it looks like it works. Then, a week or two later, the mold returns. This time, the mold is often even more substantial. There’s a good reason why you should never use bleach to kill mold on concrete. Concrete is inherently porous. Meanwhile, bleach has an ionic structure. So, bleach cannot actually soak into porous surfaces like concrete.

When you use bleach to kill mold on concrete, only the surface mold is killed. Mold spores spread roots known as mycelia deep into porous surfaces. The roots get deep in the porous areas of the concrete and wait. Still, there’s even more though. It’s not just that bleach can’t reach some mold spore roots.

Bleach is 90 percent water. The chlorine in bleach evaporates and/or stays on the surface of the concrete. Meanwhile, the remaining water can easily penetrate the porous concrete. So, when you use bleach to kill mold on concrete, you actually feed the mold spores deep inside. The chlorine never penetrates the surface, but the water does before long.

If you use bleach to kill mold on concrete, the mold will return. That is a certainty. So, even though it seems like it’s always how it’s been done, bleach sincerely isn’t a good option for killing mold on concrete.

Imagine you’re getting your home ready for a potential buyer to walk through. You work for hours to get the concrete in the basement looking beautiful using chlorine bleach. It looks like all the mold on the concrete is gone for good. Days later, your realtor takes the home buyer down to see the basement. Instead of clean cement, there is a mold overgrowth worse than before! The buyer is disgusted and leaves. This actually happens! So, please, don’t use bleach to kill mold on concrete.


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